Procurement Intelligence : Sourcing Intelligence

“The comparative analysis of suppliers produced by you went a long way in helping us shortlist and recommend the right set of suppliers to our business teams. “

Procurement Lead, APAC-based Metals & Mining Firm


Sourcing Intelligence Solutions

In-depth intelligence for your tactical and strategic sourcing needs

An underlying trend at leading organisations today, is the shift to strategic sourcing for most important categories, this transition however, is not easy. The organisations can do the spend analysis basis their internal data; use advanced technology platforms to monitor important KPI’s; and may also hire in-house industry experts for a couple of most important categories. However, most organisations find it difficult to get a deep and comprehensive understanding of various supply markets that they source from. This knowledge is critical for strategic sourcing to yield best results.

Pure Research fills this gap through its ability to conduct customised and in-depth research on different supply markets and produce easy to understand and integrate deliverables for the CPO office. In addition to this crucial strategic sourcing support, Pure Research offers tactical sourcing solutions, to execute sourcing requests with niche specifications and tight turn-around times.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Pure Research can augment your strategic sourcing team by providing customised research deliverables on supply market landscape, emerging trends, benchmarking of incumbent supplier, and identifying market risks and opportunities to be monitored. Our team is adept at secondary research, efficiently capturing market related information and data. This information, complemented with various research and analytical frameworks, is used to deliver insightful and easy to understand deliverables for clients. On a need-basis, we also supplement our findings with opinion from industry experts to deliver on-ground insights into the various supply markets.

Tactical Sourcing Solutions

Through our tactical sourcing solutions, Pure Research can assist your sourcing team in executing tactical sourcing requests by helping them identify the right suppliers, who can deliver the right volumes at the right price. Backed by our in-house database of 1.5 million global suppliers, our team acts as an extension of your in-house sourcing team. From identifying high value suppliers, including those low-cost sourcing destinations, to providing RFX process support, our strategic sourcing solutions are aimed at shortening the sourcing cycle and identifying savings opportunities.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

  • Detailed Supply Market Research
  • Emerging Market and Technology Trends
  • Alternate and Niche Vendor Identification
  • Competitive Benchmarking of Incumbent Supplier
  • Identification of Category Specific Risks and Opportunities
  • Expert Interviews on Trends and Forecasts
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Important Categories

Tactical Sourcing Solutions

  • Supplier Identification
  • Supplier Prequalification
  • Supplier Surveys
  • RFX support
  • Negotiation Intelligence
  • Supplier Relationship Management