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Investment Banking Solutions

Source more deals, improve conversion rate, and spend more time with clients

Pure Research supports investment banks by producing customised investment research, as well as by supporting them with their M&A and Equity Capital Market (ECM) activities. We focus on doing the heavy lifting work, so that our clients are able to devote more time to sourcing deals and closing deals. Our support also enables our clients to free up management time for business development and client management activities. Our team has been working with investment banking clients for more than a decade and has set up processes which help us deliver high quality research to our investment banking clients in a timely fashion. Finally, our flexible engagement models ensure that our clients are able to access high quality investment research at a lower cost.

M&A Deal Support

Pure Research’s research team has been providing support to investment banks across the deal lifecycle from origination to execution. The deal origination support ranges from identification and profiling of target companies to assessment of sectoral opportunities. We help our clients in identifying and screening companies based upon pre-defined criterion across industries and geographies. Our deal execution capabilities include due-diligence and valuation support, capital structure analysis, and preparation of investor presentations, information memorandum and pitch books.

Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

Pure Research supports its investment banking clients with equity capital market (ECM) activities ranging from pitch book preparation to valuation. Our ECM support services include both qualitative support such as industry and company analysis, country analysis, risk analysis; and quantitative support such as financial modelling, IPO valuation, capital structure modelling, benchmarking, etc. Our team takes care of the research component, thus enabling our investment banking clients to focus on marketing and road show activities to ensure successful fund raising for their end-clients.

Market Intelligence and Library Services

Pure Research’s market intelligence and library services act as an extension of the core support service provided to investment banks. The market intelligence support provides clients with periodic sector and company updates, filtered for noise. It also includes preparation of credential packs and on-demand research required by bankers to prepare for M&A meetings.

Corporate Finance Solutions to manage M&A and Equity Capital Market Deal Flow

Deal Origination

  • Pitch books
  • Sector Research
  • Short listing acquisition targets or buyers
  • Company screening & profiles
  • Analyst recommendations summaries
  • Information memorandums
  • Drafting sections of a prospectus

Financial Modeling

  • Preparing company models
  • Valuation modeling – DCF, relative, etc.
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Precedent M&A transaction analysis
  • Valuation databases
  • WACC analysis
  • Capital structure analysis

Market Intelligence

  • Newsletters
  • Sector and company updates
  • Event-driven reports
  • Regulation & policy analysis
  • Deal activity trends
  • IPO/ new issues summaries

Library Services

  • Ad-hoc research
  • Meeting preparatory notes
  • Credential packs
  • Deals databsases
  • Data collection and retrieval
  • Document management