About Us : Who We Serve

Who we Serve

We work with organizations and leaders who we believe will experience a lasting positive impact by implementing our solutions. Our clients typically belong to one of the following four categories.

Procurement Teams

If you are looking to identify and minimize risk in your supply chain, we help you through a comprehensive assessment of your suppliers complemented by ongoing monitoring and real-time alerts to keep you updated about the potential risks in your extended supply chain period.

If you are looking to identify levers for cost reduction, we help you by providing in-depth analysis of your procurement categories and identifying various sourcing and multi-sourcing options that will help you manage your category plan, and benchmark your current supplier against the competition, hence uncovering negotiation areas that can lead to cost-saving.

If you are looking to on-board a new supplier, we give you access to more than 1.5 million suppliers, including those in low-cost sourcing destinations, enabling you to make an informed choice, while expediting your procurement process.

If you are looking to improve sustainability performance of your supply chain, we facilitate in-depth sustainability assessments of your suppliers. At the same time, we can help you strengthen supplier relationships by identifying best practices that you can share with your suppliers.

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Corporate Strategy Teams

If you are a business intelligence or strategy manager, we help you evaluate growth opportunities and monitor competition by providing actionable insights about your target markets (existing and new), customers, competitors, and partners.

If you are a sales or marketing manager, we help you sell more by identifying new customers and systematically mine existing ones. And we help enhance your market visibility and effectively utilize digital media to grow your brand.

And if you are a small or medium enterprise (SME) owner, we help you add one or more of these skills to your company so that you can focus on doing what you do best. And we do this without adding fixed cost.

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Financial Services Firms (buy-side & sell-side) and Independent Research Providers

If you are a sell-side research head or an IRP, we help you make research a profitable function by producing on-demand custom research, increasing the depth and scope of your coverage, improving market visibility, and winning new clients. And we do this without adding fixed cost.

If you are an investment banker or a private equity partner, we help you identify emerging investment themes and acquisition targets, and provide time-sensitive deal support. We focus on research so that you can spend more time raising funds, closing deals, and managing portfolio companies & investors.

If you are an asset manager or an investment advisor, we help you increase α, reduce information overload, and control research costs by strengthening your in-house research capabilities.

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Consulting & Advisory Firms

If you are boutique consulting firm or an individual consultant, we help you grow your practice by establishing your thought-leadership brand, creating a regular market presence, and identifying new clients. We help improve execution by providing on-demand analyst support to manage peak-load and to enhance delivery capabilities.

If you are mid-sized or large consulting firm, we help you manage fluctuation in workflow by providing on-demand capacity addition, improve proposal conversion, identify new markets and clients, and systematically mine existing clients. Our knowledge management solutions ensure that you are able to effectively disseminate expertise and plug gaps in productivity.

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