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Lack of supply chain visibility can reverse the benefits of a global supply chain

To create a competitive advantage for consumers and defend their market shares in highly competitive markets, many large companies have created supply chains that sprawl across continents. Companies are increasingly pr…. read full article

The impending Brexit referendum in June 2016 has become an event of not only national importance, but is now taking shape of an international event that can jolt the economies worldwide. The jury is out and divided on whether Brexit – exit of the U….read full article

Mid-sized European banks should rethink their Investment Research Strategy

The investment research industry is evolving rapidly post the 2008 financial crisis and a large part of this evolution is being driven by regulatory changes. Regulators are trying to level the playing field in many are….read full article

Technology trends that procurement teams cannot overlook in 2016

The past few years have seen several technologies gain momentum, that have the potential to change the way enterprises work, and therefore procure. From 3D-printing to Cloud computing, and from Big Data to BYOD, enterp…. read full article

Climate Change, INDC Targets, and Sustainable Supply Chain

Negative impacts of climate change have already started to play out worldwide –  seasons are shifting, temperatures are climbing, sea levels are rising and so is the frequency of extreme weather events. The Intergov…. read full article

Collaborate with Suppliers to create a Resilient Supply Chain

Recent floods in Cumbria are another grim reminder of the United Kingdom’s vulnerability to extreme weather natural disasters. In the past decade, there have been several instances of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, a…. read full article

How Automotive Supply Chains can Prepare for Chennai-like Disasters

Supply chain disruptions due to extreme weather natural disasters such as floods and storms are getting more frequent and more impactful. CPOs can no longer comfort themselves by assuming that natural disasters happen full article

Business and Sustainability Risks That Can Disrupt Modern Supply Chains

Modern supply chains are characterized by strategic integration of suppliers with purchasing organizations, where suppliers are viewed as strategic partners who clients to add scale and capabilities, become more effici…. read full article

Supply Chain Sustainability needs a Fresh Viewpoint

Recent history has presented many examples of reputed organizations (Apple, Wal-Mart, Target, Primark, and Tesco) facing the ire of customers, investors, and governments due to unwarranted incidents in their supply cha…. read full article