Business Strategy Research : Consulting and Advisory Support

Manage peak-load, improve productivity, and execute your digital marketing strategy

Long sales cycles and unpredictable project pipelines have made capacity planning a challenge for consulting firms, resulting in loss of productivity, missed opportunities, and delayed time to market. Most firms, both boutique and large, are always on the look-out for skilled analysts who can independently provide research support on key deliverables, so that senior consultants can spend more time on value-added client engagement activities.

At the same time, most consulting firms are hesitant to market their services on digital channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare, Instagram, Pinterest etc. While they acknowledge the importance and effectiveness of these channels, they do not find enough time to consistently undertake this activity and are unable to maximize the opportunities presented by these channels. Another problem is that the professional social media  marketers, are more oriented towards B2C strategies and find it difficult to understand the consulting firm’s business model and objectives.

Pure Research has highly experienced analysts with more than a decade of experience of working with consulting firms and is best positioned to assist them in project execution (information gathering and analysis) as well as digital marketing support.

Information Gathering and Analysis

We leverage the experience of our teams and a repository of more than 5000 secondary research sources, including databases, news websites, blogs, trade associations, and research reports to deliver comprehensive research deliverables, customized to client requirements. Our ability to deliver precise information at short notice has helped many of our clients manage peak-load staffing on critical projects.

We augment the in-house research functions of our consulting clients by providing on-demand research support, so that they can spend more time with clients on business related activities. Clients value the in-depth research and analysis produced by us, stemming from our relentless focus on answering the ‘So-What?’ for solving business problems. Our team has consistently produced high quality deliverables, over a wide range of projects including thematic, macroeconomic, business analysis, sustainability research, and technology feasibility assessments, among others.

Digital Content and Marketing

We help consulting and advisory firms in creating digital content and use it in passive but targeted marketing to their existing and potential clients via various digital channels. We create and maintain your digital image to generate healthy traffic in the form of leads and followers. Large professional services firms have very successfully used such digital strategies to strengthen their brands and market positioning, and we enable small consulting firms to execute their digital strategy effectively and efficiently.

Our experienced analysts are adept at writing crisp and engaging blogs, in-depth white papers, and newsletters. Our digital media  team will then take that content to the relevant audience in a targeted, consistent, and structured manner. The response of the activity on digital channels is closely tracked to identify and engage with potential clients.

Information Gathering and Analysis

  • Secondary/Desk Research
  • Primary Research
  • Industry and Sector Studies
  • Company/Country/Industry profiles
  • Repetitive and heavy-lifting parts of the project
  • Thematic Research
  • Market Entry or Customer Segment Expansion
  • Digital Media Intelligence
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Sustainability Research – ESG Analysis
  • Business Analysis — Porter’s, 4Cs, SWOT, PEST, etc.

Digital Content and Marketing

  • Thought leadership articles and blog creation
  • Whitepapers
  • Newsletters
  • Content Promotion on digital media platforms
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Developing Business Network on Digital Channels
  • Marketing collateral preparation support