Cost effective investment research support to equity research teams and IRPs

The sell side teams are entrusted to focus on key tasks such as idea generation, organising corporate roadshows, deal making etc. along with other tasks including creation and distribution of equity research reports. Pure Research helps its sell side client’s free up significant bandwidth from research work by providing equity research support across a broad spectrum of activities which varies from maintenance of client’s model to writing the complete equity research reports. The investment research team at Pure Research possesses domain expertise across industries and geographies, which helps client expand the scope and depth of their in-house equity research functions. Our investment research team is very efficient in maintenance activities which involves populating the client’s financial model based upon client guidelines in a time sensitive manner.

Our flexible outsourcing engagement models enable clients to produce on-demand custom research, and effectively manage spikes in work during earnings season.

Equity Research – Financial Modelling and Coverage Reports

Pure Research’s Equity research service offering includes company coverage, creation of financial models and maintenance activities. Our clients use our equity research service for multiple purposes which includes valuation support, creating and updating financial models and writing end-to-end coverage reports including initiating coverage reports (ICR). Our experienced equity research team is quiet adept to creation of financial models and conducting critical analysis such as sensitivity analysis, VAR analysis etc.

Sector and Thematic Research

Pure Research’s sector and thematic research team helps clients cover the various sectors from an investment perspective or to write thematic reports based upon select investment themes. The reports have a wider coverage including sector/theme attractiveness, supply-demand dynamics, technological trends and competitive landscaping. Our reports provide an unbiased and fair opinion for an investor supported by logical reasoning churned out from detailed fact based information.

Market Intelligence

Pure Research’s market intelligence teams helps its client keep a close watch on the companies and sectors being covered by the equity analysts. Our proprietary secondary research database of more than 5,000 online sources, coupled with our ability to gather on-ground insights and expert opinion, enables our team to track target companies and sectors and capture all relevant trends and developments. The services have been very useful to the equity research analyst, as they are able to factor any significant development into their valuation model, thereby being able to provide a real-time valuation of the companies. It also provides inputs to the analyst in terms of increasing/decreasing focus on the set of companies/sectors being covered by them.

Solutions to Enhance Idea Generation and to Increase Depth of Coverage, yet Control Research Costs.

Company Coverage & Maintenance

  • Coverage initiation & maintenance
  • Company report, financial model, and industry analysis
  • Earnings analysis and coverage
  • Quarterly model updates
  • Event driven reports
  • ESG/ Sustainability assessment and analysis
  • Top-down/ bottom-up analysis

Financial Modeling

  • Stock valuation – DCF, relative
  • Sensitivity/ scenario analysis
  • Update/maintain existing models
  • Trading comparables
  • VAR Analysis
  • Outlier analysis
  • Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) analysis

Sector, Thematic & Economic Research Solutions to Identify Emerging Investment Themes

Sector Research

  • Industry analysis
  • Sector valuation
  • Supply-demand analysis
  • Policy analysis
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Periodic sector updates

Financial Modeling

  • Reports on emerging investment themes
  • Technology impact analysis
  • Reports on macro themes
  • Stock impact analysis
  • Top-down/ bottom-up analysis
  • White papers and presentations

Economic Research

  • Identification & analysis of global and regional economic themes
  • Analysis of regulations and economic reforms
  • Monetary policy updates and analysis
  • Currency and commodity market analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Economic chart books and databases – creation & maintenance

Market Intelligence Solutions to Improve Market Visibility and Identify Trends

Market Updates & Newsletters

  • Periodic newsletters tracking sectors, capital markets and economies
  • Economic indicator watch
  • Earnings analysis and coverage
  • Daily/Weekly market updates
  • Deal summaries
  • IPO summaries

Technical Reports

    • Daily/Weekly technical calls and reports on index
    • Daily/Weekly technical calls and reports on stocks
    • Relative valuation of covered equities