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Supplier & Supply Chain Intelligence

Business, Financial & Sustainability assessments and on-going monitoring of 50 critical suppliers across categories for a U.K. based bank

Assessments and on-going monitoring of critical suppliers in Asia and Latin America for a global auto OEM headquartered in the U.S.

Real-time alerts & monthly newsletter covering important updates on the critical supplier portfolio of a large public sector organization in Europe

Creation of supply chain risk mitigation plan, including n-tier supply chain mapping, for a European financial services firm

Category Intelligence

Market intelligence to support Business Travel category strategy for a U.K. corporation, covering industry trends, impact of increased use of technology, and incumbent supplier benchmarking

In-depth analysis of the software testing marketplace to identify trends, key players, and best practices for vendor adoption

Report on the outlook of the Acetic Acid market covering supply-demand and price evolution in the USA and in the EU, for a leading tobacco company.

Strategic Sourcing Intelligence

Identification of new and niche suppliers in the robotic process automation (RPA) industry for banking organization looking to automate some of its processes

Identification and benchmarking of stamping and tubing suppliers in five countries in the ASEAN region for a Europe-based tier-1 auto component manufacturer

Identification of packaging and ingredients suppliers, and RFX support for a UK-based beverage manufacturer looking to expand its supply chain to India

Sustainability Intelligence

Screening the portfolio of Chinese suppliers for labor practices for a global industrials major

Conducted sustainability risk assessments of critical suppliers of a U.K. based public sector firm

Assessed sustainability practices of Indian auto component manufacturers through on-site visits for a U.S. based auto OEM

Identified CSR best practices adopted by Indian auto component manufacturers to assist supplier development program of an U.S. auto manufacturer


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