Business Strategy Research : Business Development and Marketing Support

Customised research solutions to boost marketing, strategy, and business development

Most mature organizations as well as start-ups find it challenging to realize their growth potential and are unable to realign their products and services due to a lack of well-researched (re) focus on their target markets and customers. Start-ups and SME owners also end-up spending more time managing non-core tasks, as opposed to focusing on their core strengths and delivering value to their customers – thereby resulting in sub-optimal growth.

Marketing and Strategy

At Pure Research, we work with organizations, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to help sharpen their focus on their target markets and to enhance the effectiveness of their business functions – we focus on these functions so that our clients can focus on growth. We can create effective marketing content based on product/service strengths highlighted by the client, and market insights generated after analysis of the customer markets. Our analysts have experience of working with marketing and strategy heads at leading organisations, which helps in smooth delivery and enhances client experience.

Business Development

Pure Research also supports sales teams in business development and account management activities. We provide research support across all stages of the sales cycle, from lead generation to identification of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Our solutions enhance the effectiveness of sales teams by providing intelligence on leads and prospects, and make the sales cycle more efficient by delivering solutions such as lead generation, preparing sales materials and credentials packs, and CRM management.

Start-up Solutions

Pure Research has a dedicated suite of solutions for Start-ups who are looking to expand their capabilities, while keeping a check on their fixed costs. From business plan creation to financial modelling and fund-raising support, we have helped several start-ups and SMEs at various stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Our solutions have helped entrepreneurs free-up their time to focus on their core business activities.

Marketing & Strategy Solutions

  • Whitepapers & Thought Leadership Articles
  • Industry Reports
  • Periodic Newsletters
  • Social Media Management
  • Credential packs and Marketing Collaterals
  • Best Practices and case studies
  • White Space Analysis

Business Development Solutions

  • Lead Generation
  • Preliminary Research for Pitches
  • Strategic Client Mining and updates
  • Sales Material & Credentials Packs
  • Prospect identification and profiling
  • CRM management
  • Account planning (cross-sell, up-sell opportunities)
  • Periodic market briefs

Start-up Solutions

  • Business Plan Creation
  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Financial Modelling
  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Fund-raising Support
  • Identifying Networking Events and Conferences