Business & Strategy Research

Gain actionable business intelligence through customised and comprehensive research solutions

With terabytes of digital content generated every day, organisations that underestimate the importance of desk research might be losing out on critical strategic information. Useful information is generated from consumers, analysts, governments, investors, suppliers, research houses, consultants, and media on a daily basis which can be useful for corporate leaders to know.

Organisations would therefore be well advised to conduct periodic research on their markets, consumers, competitors and other indicators that impact performance, so that they can maintain their market leadership. The ability to capture important information, filter the useful information, and judge the credibility of information sourced, and analysing the information to generate insights are some of the challenges companies face with desk research.

Pure Research is a research firm having a team of experienced analysts and a robust methodology that it leverages to deliver customised desk research solutions for its clients.

Our solutions not only allows clients to capture all relevant information for their requirements, but our analysts also use their industry experience and a variety of analytical frameworks to produce insightful deliverables. Our clients include global corporations; start-ups, entrepreneurs and SME’s; and large and boutique consulting firms.

Benefits for Corporates

  • Adapt proactively to changing industry landscape and consumer needs
  • Monitor competition and take steps to maintain leadership
  • Stay abreast of relevant technological, regulatory and economic developments
  • Systematic mining of existing clients
  • Evaluate organic & inorganic growth opportunities
  • Strengthening of brand

Benefits for Consulting Firms

  • On-demand peak-load management
  • Strengthening of thought-leadership brand
  • Effective dissemination and re-use of expertise and knowledge
  • Increased capabilities & capacity = Higher revenue potential
  • Monitoring of competitor activities and positioning
  • Higher conversion ratio from proposals to projects

Competitive and Market Intelligence Solutions: Leverage competitive and market intelligence solutions to monitor markets and competitors, and develop winning business strategies.

Mergers and Acquisition Research Solutions: Identification and evaluation of acquisition targets to drive inorganic growth.

Business Development and Marketing Solutions:
Customized desk research solutions to boost marketing and business development efforts.

Consulting and Advisory Research Solutions:
Manage peak-load, improve productivity, and optimize knowledge management.