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Private Equity Research Solutions

Private Equity Research solutions across the Investment Lifecycle The private equity industry has become highly competitive due to significant growth in capital inflows and limited investment opportunities, thereby enhancing the criticality of idea generation, deal sourcing, portfolio management and exit planning activities in order to generate sustainable returns. At Pure Research, we have developed an expertise in supporting private equity firms throughout the investment lifecycle. Pure Research’s research and market intelligence support for private equity firms ranges from identification of investment themes and acquisition targets, to deal evaluation, to portfolio company monitoring and exit planning, and fund raising & investor management. With a team of experienced analysts and flexible engagement models, Pure Research is well-equipped to support both specialised/sector-focused private equity clients looking to add or expand their research capabilities, as well as larger asset management firms looking to optimise their research processes.

Pre-deal Solutions

Our pre-deal solutions are aimed at helping the private equity clients validate investment ideas and hypothesis, based upon in-depth research of markets, sectors, and investment themes. Our team is adept at taking a top-down approach or conducting a bottom-up analysis to identify investment opportunities, depending on the market structure. Information is gathered and analysed to ascertain the investment feasibility, and ideas are validated using multiple approaches to ensure that they are not biased due to selection of approach.

Deal and Post-deal Solutions

Pure Research’s deal and post-deal solution help private equity clients execute potential deals and monitor their portfolio closely. Our deal solutions include due-diligence support, and financial modelling and valuation (comparative as well as absolute) in order to obtain greater insights on investment targets. On the other hand, as part of our post deal solutions, we provide comprehensive monitoring of the acquired companies as well as their industry and peers to enable exit planning and optimize returns.

Market Intelligence and Fund Raising

Pure Research’s market intelligence solutions help its private equity clients remain updated with market developments. Our periodic reports and newsletters ensure that portfolio managers are aware of macroeconomic and sectoral developments in a timely fashion. We also support our clients in their fund raising activities by helping in preparation of placement memorandums and pitch books, factsheets, and other investor presentation related material, allowing clients to spend more of their time on idea generation and portfolio management activities.

Pre-deal Solutions to Identify Investment Themes & Sectors, and Potential Acquisition Targets

Theme & Sector Selection

  • Top-down/ bottom-up analysis to choose target sectors
  • Identification of emerging investment themes
  • Reports on macro themes and their impact
  • Technology impact analysis

Target Identification

  • Identification of potential acquisition targets
  • Target company list generation
  • Target screening based on fund specific criteria
  • Short/ in-depth profile of shortlisted companies

Deal & Post-deal Solutions to Evaluate Potential Deals, and Monitor Portfolio Companies

Deal Evaluation

  • Industry analysis
  • Deep dive industry / market studies
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Regulation and policy analysis
  • Target company analysis
  • LBO Modeling
  • Valuation – DCF, comps analysis – with various scenarios
  • IRR, payback period calculation
  • Precedent transaction analysis
  • Due diligence on target executives
  • Investment memorandums

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Periodic valuation of portfolio companies
  • Quarterly/earnings update and reporting to investors
  • Portfolio company, competitor & sector watch
  • M&A/ market/ product expansion opportunities
  • Customer identification, supply chain enhancement

Solutions to Monitor Industry Trends and Increase Face-time with Investors

Market Intelligence

  • Periodic newsletters tracking sectors
  • Economic indicator watch
  • Regulation and policy watch
  • PE-VC & IPO deal summaries
  • Managing databases & research tools
  • Building relationship with sell-side analysts

Fund Raising

  • Private placement memorandums
  • Reports & presentations for LPs and GPs
  • Fund factsheets
  • Conference and trade association identification for networking