Business Strategy Research : Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Research

Identify right targets at fair valuation to drive inorganic growth

Inorganic growth is increasingly becoming a part of most successful growth strategies worldwide, and an acquisition with the right synergies at the right valuation can give a company a definitive edge over competition. This however, is easier said than done, and CFOs have to create and implement a robust M&A strategy to identify the right targets, and perform stringent due-diligence to arrive at the fair value of the transaction. CFOs require specialised research support for this task, and our team – adept at performing M&A research – is ready to meet this requirement.

M&A Research Solutions

Our team is highly experienced at M&A research – identifying acquisition target, gathering information on them, conducting industry analysis, creating financial models, providing valuation support and capturing investor and street opinion on comparable transactions. Our experience of working with CFOs and covering deals across industries and geographies ensures that our clients receive best-in-class support to drive their inorganic growth ambitions.

M&A Research Solutions

  • Acquisition target identification and screening
  • Operational Synergy Analysis
  • Financial Due diligence
  • Trading and Transaction Comps
  • LBO Modelling
  • Investor and Street Opinion on Targets
  • Due diligence on target executives
  • Valuation – DCF, comps analysis – with various scenarios
  • Regulation and policy analysis