Business Strategy Research : Competitive and Market Intelligence

Leverage competitive market intelligence to develop winning business strategies

Staying ahead of the competition is what every business tries to achieve, and the C-Suite is always in the pursuit of that elusive winning strategy. Most successful business have a winning strategy but they need a constant dose of intelligence about how the consumer markets and competitors are responding to their strategy and prevailing market trends. At the same time, they also need to keep a tab on the various macroeconomic, technology and regulatory indicators that can impact their business. At Pure Research, we have developed a robust methodology to capture, filter and analyse information on a regular basis, so as to provide actionable intelligence and insights for our corporate clients across sectors, and help them stay abreast of the key happenings in their business environment.

Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence solutions help corporates get deep insights into their consumer markets, which can help them with product or service positioning, pricing, and drawing a strategic growth path. Our team is adept at secondary research, efficiently capturing market related information and data. This information, complemented with various research and analytical frameworks, is used to deliver insightful and easy to understand deliverables for clients. On a need-basis, we also supplement our findings with opinion from industry experts to deliver on-ground insights to corporate leaders.

Competitive Intelligence

Pure Research’s highly experienced industry analysts conduct in-depth strategic assessment of our clients’ competition, capturing and analysing the information and opinion on those firms by investors, customers, industry and technology analysts. We also utilise our proprietary 360o assessment framework (BFS) to identify business, financial, and sustainability related strengths and weaknesses of competitors. This critical intelligence puts our clients in a better position to create strategies that can help them stay ahead of their competition.

Industry and Market Studies

As an extension on our market intelligence solutions, we integrate our information capturing and analytical skills to produce customised reports on industries and markets, depending on our clients’ requirements.

Market Intelligence

  • New product and market opportunity assessment
  • Geographical expansion and country ‘doing business’ guides
  • Quick market scans or in-depth market studies
  • Market Sizing & Trends
  • Demand-Supply Analysis
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Customer segment analysis
  • Analysis — Porter’s, 4Cs, GE-McKinsey Matrix, BCG Matrix, ADL Matrix, SWOT Analysis, etc.

Competitive Intelligence

  • Competitor strategy assessment (deep-dives)
  • Company Factsheets
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • 360o risk assessment of competitors
  • On-going competitor monitoring
  • Regular/periodic updates
  • Quarterly earnings update
  • Investor & Wall Street opinion

Industry & Market Studies

  • Industry Factsheets
  • Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Industry trends & outlook
  • Emerging technology & trends
  • Periodic market briefs
  • Regulatory analysis & updates
  • Analysis – Porter, EIC, SCP, PESTEL, etc.