Select Assignment Examples

Business Intelligence & Strategy

Market opportunity assessment for outdoor LED signage in the U.S.

Identifying M&A targets for a leading IT company looking to expand across the value chain

Business plan write-up with go-to-market strategy for an online gaming portal

Industry & Competitor Monitoring

On-going tracking & quarterly reporting of five major competitors of a leading telecom company in the U.S.

Assessing the impact of technology evolution on the Financial Services sector

Monthly newsletter on trends in the European & U.S. alternative energy space

Sales & Marketing

Identifying and profiling 15,000+ new potential customers for a financial technology firm

Establishing and managing the digital media presence of a U.S.-based SME

Call prep sheets for the sales team of a leading virtualization services provider

Sourcing & Knowledge Management

Identifying & evaluating Middle East – based vendors for a global manufacturer of motion control systems

ESG profiling and analysis of suppliers of a global heavy machinery company

Managing the content, CRM, and in-house databases of a technology start-up


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