Press Releases

Press Releases

Pure Research’s Equity Research Solution Supports Clients in Management of Coverage Universe and Financial Models

November 15, 2016

To free their sell-side clients from research work, Pure Research provides Equity Research Support across a broad spectrum of activities. With this service, the company helps sell-side teams to monitor and expand their coverage universe and market trends, and effectively manage spikes in work during earnings season. Read full press release

Pure Research Launches a New Website to Provide Enhanced Mobile Accessibility and Better User Experience

July 26, 2016

Pure Research Private Limited, a customised research solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The completely redesigned website offers clients richer insights, better mobile accessibility and user experience. Read full press release

Pure Research Implements Sustainability Initiatives to Control its Scope 2 Emissions

January 18, 2016

Since Pure Research’s operations are human resource intensive and make extensive use of IT devices, one of the key focus of the current initiative is to reduce electricity consumption. These initiatives will help the company become a better corporate citizen, by reducing its electricity usage and the associated scope 2 carbon emissions. Read full press release

Pure Research Expands European Presence by opening a London Office

December 22, 2015

Pure Research has expanded its geographical footprint in Europe by opening a new office in London, United Kingdom. The London office will support the firm’s service offerings for both private and public sector organizations in the United Kingdom, and will act as a foundation for strengthening relationships with existing European clients. Read full press release

Pure Research’s BFS Risk Assessment Framework is the Answer to your Supply Chain Disruptions

November 26, 2015

Pure Research offers supplier risk assessment framework – BFS – which is an ideal way to stay alert of any and every risk of supply chain. With the framework, which has been developed by their highly experienced analysts, CPOs will be able to form relevant strategies on seeing warnings. Read full press release

Pure Research Launches Innovative Procurement Intelligence Solutions in UK

October 15, 2015

Pure Research is now offering their innovative procurement intelligence solutions to public- and private – sector organisations of United Kingdom. With the launch of their ground-breaking services, the CPOs and procurement teams of United Kingdom will remain abreast with the latest happenings. Read full press release