About Us : Why Us

This is Why Clients Choose Us

Senior attention to each client engagement: Our approach is boutique in every sense and our senior team works closely with each client throughout the lifecycle of an engagement – from understanding the need, to designing and delivering the solution, to post-execution attention – resulting in ongoing communication and exchange of ideas, and seamless delivery.

Experienced team: We mean it when we say that you are in safe hands. Our team has spent several years working at leading research & consulting firms across multiple continents, business- & research- functions. We are skilled at engaging and delivering professional services to financial services firms, corporates, and consulting firms.

Flexible engagement models: Whether you are looking for a one-off project, or a full-time resource, or seeking on-demand capacity addition, we design each engagement to meet your evolving business needs, and not just ours. To learn more about our engagement models, click here.

High quality customized research: We pride ourselves in delivering high quality, unbiased and customized research using contemporary research methodologies and project management techniques. You can trust us when we say this, or our ISO 9001:2008 certification, or our client testimonials.

Increased revenue and reduced cost: Our value proposition goes well beyond labor arbitrage as we add skills and efficiency to our client organizations, resulting in higher revenue potential and cost savings. At the same time, our unique operating model enables us to deliver high quality services in a cost-effective manner.

Quick turnaround and focus on ideas: Our clients are busy and want results – fast. So we engage them with ideas and quick turnarounds, and not processes. Period.