About Us

Who we are

Pure Research Private Limited provides customised research and business intelligence to leading corporates, public sector organizations, financial services firms, and professional services firms worldwide. We deliver high-value, custom research and analysis across three functional areas – Financial Research; Procurement and Supply Chain Intelligence; and Business and Market Intelligence.

Research and analysis produced by us helps our clients make optimal fact-based business decisions, reduce risk, and unlock hidden value. On the other hand, our flexible engagement models enable clients to manage their workflow and control cost of research.

We have worked with many clients from various countries across four continents. We are headquartered in New Delhi, India and also have an office in London, United Kingdom. We are accredited with ISO 9001 certification, and have a highly experienced senior management team which works closely with each client, through the lifecycle of an engagement.

What we do

Financial Research

We deliver customised investment research and analysis for clients across the Financial Services (FS) industry— from sell-side firms (corporate finance advisors and investment banks) to buy-side firms (hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and asset managers). Clients engage us to augment their in-house research teams, thus enabling them to focus on idea generation, client management, and portfolio optimisation activities, thereby increasing the quality and profitability of their research functions.

Procurement Intelligence

We help procurement teams worldwide create secure and sustainable supply chains, based on actionable research on suppliers and categories. Our in-house databases of 5,000+ online information sources and 1.5 million+ suppliers worldwide, along with our easy access to industry experts enable our teams to generate actionable intelligence and insights for CPOs, category managers and other stakeholders within the procurement function.

Business & Market Intelligence

We also help global corporations and professional services firms with comprehensive insights into their markets, customers and competitors, thereby helping them identify growth opportunities. Our flexible engagement models enable professional services clients (consulting firms, law firms, etc.) to add research capacity on an on-demand basis, thus helping them manage peak load situations in an effective manner.