Financial Research : Experience

Select Assignment Examples

Company Research & Analysis

Launching and maintaining coverage on Speciality Finance Companies for a U.S.-based investment bank

Maintaining financial models & trading comparables for a coverage universe of 125 equities across five sectors for an investment bank

Identifying arbitrage opportunities due to the de-listing of companies originally listed as part of the Chinese Reverse Merger (CRM) trend

Bottom-up analysis to identify and analyze leading equities in the upstream segment of the Oil & Gas sector

Regression analysis to identify outliers in the U.S. Regional Banking sector

LBO analysis to evaluate the deal potential of a Private Equity deal target

Sector & Thematic Research

Thematic report analyzing the convergence of traditional & digital media, and the resulting benefit for content providers

Analyzing current and future Technology Innovation Cycles and picking winners in each cycle

Top-down analysis of the U.S. Speciality Finance sector to choose fast growing & profitable sub-sectors

Thematic report on Traditional & Alternate Energy trends and idea generation to identify leading equities

Analyzing the impact of regulations and social media on the U.S. online gambling industry

Assessing the benefits for wastewater treatment industry in light of the growing shale gas production

Investment Banking Support

Pre-IPO valuation, industry and competitive analysis of a leading social network, for an investment bank.

Sell-side pitch-books and analysis of leading companies in the global Semiconductor Equipment Industry

Completing the sector analysis and financial modeling sections of the info memo for acquiring a leasing company

Macroeconomic Research

Assessing the leveraged recapitalization environment by analyzing debt rates, equity performance & changing dividend tax rate

Analyzing the implications of the U.S. Fiscal Cliff for emerging market investors

Assessing the impact of JOBS Act on investors, banks, entrepreneurs and the crowd-funding industry

Deal Sourcing & Library Research

Identifying acquisition targets (based on pre-defined criteria) in the U.S. virtualization space for a PE firm

Gathering data on delinquent taxes in 14 U.S. States

Updating industry specific sections of information memorandum with latest market sizing and other metrics

Market Intelligence

Monthly newsletter tracking key developments, trading comparable and custom indices in five sectors

Periodic newsletter tracking the capital market performance and deal flow in the U.S.

Monthly newsletter tracking and analyzing macroeconomic developments and metrics in select geographies


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